Chairman Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Hussain visits Solar Rooftop at Hepworth Dubai Investment Park
On Monday, November 13, 2017, the chairman of Green Coast Enterprises, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Hussain, along with the Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain and the management team at SirajPower, visited the newly installed solar panels on Hepworth PME LLC's rooftop.

SirajPower installed the PV system at its own costs on Hepworth’s roof and will be paid a monthly rent based upon the electricity produced.

The newly installed 1.04 MWp system will generate an annual energy production of 1.6 GWh/year and has been installed on a roof area of 13,000 m2 using 3,990 modules. Under the Shams Dubai regulatory framework, the system is grid connected and therefore do not require additional storage.

The new system will contribute significantly in achieving Hepworth’s main objectives of energy savings and has already proven to be an important component in the company’s commitment to minimise its environmental impact due to the nature of its business. The initiative will also contribute to reducing the carbon emissions by 400 tons per year, which is equal to planting 4,600 trees.

The agreement between Hepworth and SirajPower is in line with DEWA’s Shams Dubai initiative, the new framework put in place by the Dubai government to encourage a surge in net-metering solutions.