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Active since the late 60s, Green Coast Enterprises was formally established by Abdulghaffar Hussain in 1977 as a holding company to consolidate his investments and assets.

Over the years, Green Coast has grown and evolved into an established organization with diverse interests in market-leading businesses.

Our portfolio covers various industries such as manufacturing and trading through established international partnerships, renewable energy and sustainability, real estate and investment management.


  • 2020s

    GCE Timeline 2021 Image

    Corys Piping Systems was established to manage the Group’s leading regional brands in the piping sector, including Hepworth, Georg Fischer and Dacta.

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    The Group entered into a PE pipes and fittings manufacturing joint venture in Egypt, EGFCO, and started building a new factory.

  • 2010s

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    Hepworth PME acquired a factory in Oman to establish a manufacturing presence for plastic pipes.

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    Corys Packaging was established to consolidate the strengths of both Kangaroo Plastics and Emirates Technopack.

    GCE Timeline 2014 Image

    Corys Environment was established to explore opportunities and invest in the renewable energy space, and subsequently acquired Siraj Power and Taka Solutions (in 2016).

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    Corys Geosynthetics and Corys Build Centre were established to manage the geosynthetics and the MEP retail businesses of the Group.

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    Green Coast Investments was established to manage the Group’s capital market investments.

  • 2000s

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    Abdul Ghaffar Hussain Trading LLC was established in Oman.

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    Hepworth’s shares were restructured, allowing Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Hussain and his family to retain full ownership.

    GCE Timeline 2004 Image

    Hepworth WLL was established in Bahrain

    GCE Timeline 2003 Image

    Emirates Technopack, a specialized packaging company, was launched.

    GCE Timeline 2001 Image

    Hepworth PME established a manufacturing joint venture in Qatar.

  • 1990s

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    The Real Estate arm of the Group was launched.

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    Hepworth PME opened its state-of-the-art factory in Nad al Hamar.

  • 1970s

    GCE Timeline 1977 Image

    Abdul Ghaffar Hussain established Green Coast Enterprises to consolidate his various industrial holdings.

    GCE Timeline 1977 Image

    Hepworth PME was established as a manufacturer and supplier of piping systems.

    GCE Timeline 1976 Image

    Kangaroo Plastics, one of the region’s first flexible packaging companies, was launched.

    GCE Timeline 1973 Image

    Abdul Ghaffar Hussain established a relationship with Jotun of Norway.


Green Coast strives to create long-term value by developing resilient and sustainable businesses in traditional sectors and attractive niches such as real estate, packaging solutions, water and natural gas piping systems, renewable energy, and circular economy.

We take a focused approach by allocating our time and capital with highly selective criteria that align with the best interests of our group while building businesses of long-lasting value .

Our subsidiaries are dedicated to offering sustainable, energy-efficient goods and services. Our unwavering commitment is to promote good health and well-being, provide clean water and sanitation, foster sustainable cities and communities, encourage responsible consumption and production, and champion CO2 reduction.

Core Values

We Take Responsibilty
We Make A Positive Impact
We Challenge The Status Quo
We Keep Promises
We Behave Ethically And Fairly
We Speak Up
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